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Are you a business owner?

If so, why don’t you join our support centre network? It is simple and hassle-free! Ok… enough said, here’s how it works:

When customers order repair services online, they can choose their nearest support centre. They will drop in their devices to be fixed and all you have to do is enter their details on our system and safely store them in envelops provided by us. GadgetPro will come to collect them and bring them back to you once job is completed.

We will inform customers about the outcome and your last task is just to give back the devices when they come to pick them up (after an ID verification). Done! You will receive £ for each completed job at the end of the month.

In case of customers coming to pick up items ordered from our online shop, you just have to hand them after an ID verification.

1. Customer Drop in

Just take the device(s) from customers and enter their details on our system.

2. We collect

We will collect the devices from you and once repaired will bring them back to you.

3. Customer pick up

Customers will come and pick up their items once you have verified their ID.

4. You get paid!

Yay, you will receive a monthly commission for each job completed succesfully.

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